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Oren Goldman
 Oren Goldman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1978. After his 7th birthday, his family moved to Palm Springs, CA. At the end of his sophomore year in High School, his family returned to Israel where Oren completed his high school education.

Oren’s love of filmmaking began when he was 9 years old, when his mother bought him a VHS camera. Using his family, friends and classmates as actors, Oren began directing his own “independent” shorts, thus creating a vast library of work by the young filmmaker. At Palm Springs High School, Oren served as the school’s video department.

At his high school graduation ceremony in Israel, where the theme was “100 years of film”, Oren created the entire film program including a three-minute tribute to his classmates as they were all about to embark on their military careers in the Israeli Defense Forces. The tribute had the audience of 5,000 in tears.

In the Israeli army, Oren served in the military’s film corps, producing, directing and editing military-education films. In his spare time, Oren worked as an editor and producer for American news programs, including Fox News, CBS, syndicated programs such as Hardcopy, Real TV, the Geraldo Rivera Show, CNBC, and Extra. Starting his own production company, Oren produced, directed and edited a commercial promo for the Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion) and a short film which was aired on Israeli television.

After his military service, Oren moved back to the United States and began realizing his dreams of becoming a working director.

“Final Draft” marks his first American directorial debut of a feature film. After completing this project he directed his second feature film “Lenny the Wonder Dog”, both are presently in distribution.

On his spare time, he creates “Dogma” shorts, using one actor and no crew, for O and B Films.

IMDB: http://imdb.com/name/nm1274190/

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